The First Dark Elf Ambassador of the Court of the Elf Queen to The Great Gold Wyrm


Rastik is a dark elf, about 6’2" and 180 lbs. He has shoulder length silver hair and lilac eyes. He wears a cloak of recovery and a broach in the shape of the symbol of the Elf Queen, but in the colors of the Great Gold Wyrm. He carries a nondescript wooden staff that changes shape and substance during battles to match the type of energy he’s using to fight.


Rastik hails from Osna Unareth on the fringes of the Underdark. Because it is on the fringes it tends to deal with a lot of non-elven traders getting their goods into and out of the Underdark. The cultural exchanges have significantly dampened the maliciousness of the dark elves from Osna Unareth. Many, in fact, have taken to the moral, philosophical and religious ways of predominant human, dwarven and elven cultures according to their trades. Osna Unareth is one of a few Underdark locales that is strategically important to the Elf Queen for demonstrating the potential to affect positive change in dark elf society.

Rastik spent many years as a mage apprentice in the Underdark learning the arcane arts, but he struggled to do magic the way the wizards did. Eventually it was discovered that his magical talents were innate and he needed to go about unlocking them in a completely different way. Nevertheless, his studies and habits networked him with powerful elves that eventually led to a place in the court of the Elf Queen where he worked his way up to become the first dark elf ambassador to the Great Gold Wyrm. Although technically still in training by his mentor Hesva, his freedom and responsibilities has grown considerably in the last year.


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